Sunday 27th March we did the secound half of the Martin Earley.
Picked up the route at the Graveyard on Kilcock Road, Just missed the B Group coming the opposite way. It was a good trip, we had 12 in tow with one new man who was out training for a tour later in the year. He turned off at Allen Church.
We broke with our tradition of ‘keep going no matter what’ to ‘we might have a coffee stop half way round’. So we were recommended by Lance to go on to Rathangan and stop there. GREAT IDEA!! It was very sociable and gave time to see peoples baldy heads….haha!
I think we will try to incorporate a coffee break where possible in the future. Maybe it was the blueberry muffin…. but i struggled on the road from the blue door to the wall. Its a *** of a road.
The WALL was lets say ‘interesting’ . Our first visit this year. (I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN LORETTA, MIMI WHINGED SOMETHING SHOCKIN!) .But the descent was great. All formed up again in Kildare before taking the headwind across the Curragh. Two Mile House was just there…. no more to say about it.!
Trip was good prep for Foothills and look forward to some hills next Sunday. (NO MIMI YOUR STAYING AT HOME AND THATS THE END OF IT!)
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