Why cyclocross? Maybe you’ve never heard of cyclocross before, or are wondering why someone might do such an awkward, strange sport?  Or why a cyclocross bike is the best invention ever? Well, we’ve got a few good reasons for you.

  1. It’s just plain fun
    But you don’t have to trust us, just give it a shot. Riding any type of bike over different terrain again and again is fun. Getting dirty is fun. Crashing can even sometimes be fun.
  2. It’s practical
    Knowing how to get from point A to point B on your bike, regardless of the terrain, obstacle or barrier as efficiently and quickly as possible actually makes a lot of sense and is incredibly useful from a utilitarian, recreational and even survival perspective (even if ten thousand fans aren’t watching you).
  3. It’s accessible
    Cyclocross is the most accessible form of bicycle racing, period. You can show up on practically any bike (cyclocross, mountain bike, hybrid, road bike), train or race in the tiniest piece of land near your home, not need to know a complex racing etiquette and race competitively with just a few hours of training per week and still have a job, family and life. Although you can train dozens of hours per week and drive hours to races, you certainly don’t need to. Thus, it’s a much more sustainable sport for busy, working people compared to road or mountain bike racing and has a lower barrier to entry.
  4. It’s the ultimate spectator sport
    With its incredible variety of terrain, obstacles and weather conditions and short course and race duration, cyclocross is not only the most spectator-friendly form of bike racing, it’s an awesome spectacle for any sports fan. Fans, friends and family enjoy 30 to 60 minutes of constant, intense action-packed racing, with many opportunities to see their favorite racer from just one vantage point. No hours of waiting for just a parade of a stage-race peloton, a few passes by some mountain bikers or the blur of an anonymous criterium pack. Once the gun goes off, fans witness a near-constant stream of racers battling each other and the race course. Spectators enjoy easy access and viewing of all parts of the race course as well as athletes – there’s no nose-bleed seats in cyclocross.
  5. It will boost your performance in other forms of racing
    After giving cyclocross a try, we bet in all likelihood you’ll soon want to focus specifically on the sport, it will be invaluable for your other disciplines of racing, whether that is road racing, mountain biking, triathlon, or even downhill mountain bike racing. Of course, it’s a great way to stay in shape during the off-season, but road racers will benefit from better handling and confidence in adverse conditions and bumpy surfaces, while mountain bikers will enjoy more versatility and efficiency in handling extreme technical terrain and forced dismounts. Triathletes will benefit from a low-impact way to maintain cycling and running fitness and improve bike handling. And downhillers will improve line selection, aerobic capacity, and remounts after the inevitable crash.{jcomments on}