‘Last of the summer wine’ lads!
Here for your delectation and delight I give you a nice easy spin…
66kms of pure delight, to wend you on your way to Winter delights.
Soft and flat to Clane. Rolling and downhill to Allenwood, the wildernes s of the longest road in the world across the bog to Rathangan.
A cold coffee stop (which we might change) In Rathangan And onward, suitably refreshed, to the thrills of ‘the wall’, (personally I think its overrated), after that long tortuous drag up to it!
From there the lovely downhill that is to Kildare and the road across the Curragh, where, as is forecast, a following and favorable wind to Newbridge and home via the ‘eyeballs out’ tripnto Naas, for those with the where-with -all!!!

See you there…
dont forget you water, your money and food and you NOK ID!