C Group ride for Sunday.

After last week, when there seemed to be a surplus of energy at ‘the wall’.

I got to thinking that maybe our guys are not yet ready to leave the challenge of the hills and settle for winter wonderland trips.

So this week, as the weather is expected to be fine, we will revisit the County of Wicklow.

After a gentle rise up to Blessington, on which your Captain will surely struggle, we will drop down to the shores of the Blessington lakes and head out towards Manor Kilbride. Before turning back towards the lake bridge, back at Blessington.
Its a while since we cruised the Lakes to Ballyknockan. But not to Valleymount. Instead, we shall forgo the delights of that sleepy village and turn left towards the Wicklow hills. But before descending sharply into Holywood, we will traverse the hill from the Kings river.

Coffee might be appropriate at this point, before we return to Naas via Ballymore Eustace. A leisurely 62km.
Bring your money for the coffee.

I don’t, at this stage, need to mention NOK ID’s and the usual paraphernalia that we responsible cyclists carry on our travels.

I don’t think its necessary also, for me to mention the utter pointlessness of attaching lights to our bicycles, without switching them on or fitting them with fully charged batteries!!!

Alternative Route
Because it has been a bit frosty and cold these last few days,
I have decided to do an alternative route for Sunday, in case its too cold on the day.
Some people may not relish the idea of the hill to Hollywood, so its a less hilly alternative as well.
Curiously the distance is the same and we may also use it as a route for slower riders and we could reform in Ballymore.
Endless possibilities.
Have a look and look forward to the ride on Sunday