This is the route as promised for Day after Stephens Day 27th starting at 10am Naas Court. All groups are welcome to join in including Ladies Group. Feel free to modify to suit your own requirements if you wish.

Here is a route to suit everyone, (especially me). Cause it cuts out that nightmare of a climb out of Naas on Ballymore Road. Instead we head for the cross-roads at 2 Mile house and a left turn to Watchouse Cross and onto our ”traditional route” to Ballymore. From there we head to the Lakes and an Anti-Clockwise circuit (some other peoples’ nightmare). We can regroup at Richardsons, tho that is no more a shop. Resisting the urge to take a short cut to Naas, we continue on to Manor Kilbride and up onto the N81. Make a left and when Crosschapel looms, make right for the church. Dont stop for prayers but instead, pray you make it to the top of the climb before your heart jumps out your mouth.
A beautiful vista awaits at the top. Stop to regroup, eat food if you still have some and view the scene over Kildare and beyond to Offaly. You should be able to see the Spire of Naas Church to where we are heading finally. Then to downhill to Rathmore and right to Eadestown. If you are still feeling like you need more. Join the queue for the fast and furious ride to Naas. Meet to review the ride back at the Naas Court.
For those who are of a gentler disposition, there are short cut turnoffs after the lakes for Naas. Try not to avail, cause your only half way through burning off the Christmas dinner. The rest are going into laying to waste the late night Turkey sandwiches of Christmas night and digging into the turkey curry of St. Stephens Day.
All groups are welcome to take the trip starting at 10am Naas Court.