This is the C Group route for Sunday 23rd December. This is the Christmas ‘Soup and Sandwiches Route’. The plan is that all groups, Racing Group, Ladies Group, A Group, B Group and C Group will all move towards Kilcullen/ Naas road aiming to arrive back in Naas for 12.30. If we converge with other groups on Kilcullen/Naas road it will be ‘good shootin’. No coffee break on the road as its a short route. Should be good fun for everyone. Weather looks reasonable, no frost and hopefully no rain. (sounds like summer…:-D).
If you’re not riding on the day, you’re welcome to join us for the sambo’s
and bring the family.
All rules apply none the less! Bring spares, money, phone, NOK i.d. and stay safe. No one gets left behind. All members , whether you have been out of late or not should try to arrive for the spin.
If you can’t ride join us anyway at the Naas Court Hotel at 12.30.