This is the C Group ride for this coming Sunday.
This Sunday we celebrate the coming of age of our esteemed member Mr John Cahill, heading into his golden years!
He wont mind me saying that ;-D (too late now anyway, Ive said it!).
We wish to mark this auspicious day with a coffee and a bun in Blessington. I think as a group we could all stretch to that.
We wont ask him to put his hand in his pocket on this day.
However, before that ‘event’ we intend to stretch him a little on the spin (and everyone else for that matter).
We start with a nice trip to Kilcullen to ease out the legs. Up the hill swing left for Brannockstown, trying not to make the mistake we last time out and take the proper left for Ballymore, up by Ardenode.
Descending into that ‘cavern’ that is Ballymore, we rise up out of it again, up Bishops Hill. Praying to the bishop we make the top before our legs go on fire. Cresting we start the descent into Blessington (watch out for the potholes and the loose sheep).
Then its Happy Birthday time for ‘the man’!
After a slightly extended coffee stop, heading in the direction of Dublin, we divert up Crosschapel ( prayers start again, we have so got religion today :-)).
If its a clear day there is a wonderful view over Kildare all the way to Offaly and all points of the compass. There, the first up will get the longest time to admire the view, as they wait for me!!
A fast descent takes us to Rathmore where we resist the temptation to turn left for Naas. Instead, we will stretch right for Artherstown and Old Mill and roundabout to Kill, Johnstown and Home.
Dont be dismayed, the distance is only 54km, so it pretty simple.
We expect a good number of riders to appear, and if we reach, or exceed, our record of 26 last week, we might consider splitting and re-grouping as the group demands.
Weather looks ok. Currently giving 6deg, mostly cloudy with a 60% chance of a shower. wind from south west and strongish.
Re-iterate again, easy pace, no heroics, ride safely and watch out for yourself and each other.
Bring some sheckles for the coffee and and extra 50cent of so to cover Mr Cahill’s bun.
For newer members. Our lesser known requirement is that everyone carry Next of Kin ID and phone contact ON THE BIKE! NOT ON YOUR PERSON!
Enjoy the ride!
Any queries ? Direct them to me or Vice Captain Mick Brosnan.
See you Sunday for prayers as required!