John Shannon has been leading the racing group of late, from North Meath to South Wexford, and is showing some good form ahead of league race #2 in Carlow this Thursday, a race that John won last year. We also expect to havea good presence in the Dunsany GP this Sunday 12th, with entrants likely in A3, A4 and Junior. Next Tuesday in Mondello is likely to be a real eyeballs-out affair, as with 5 days to the start of the RAS, the top national and some international riders will be on the line for an explosive hour-and-a-bit of action. Sign-on from 7pm if you dare…. and then league race #3 is set for Kildare Town next Thursday 16th, at which we hope to see our new ladies, youths and seniors compete, where hopefully Pat Spillane and Keith Sheridan will make their competitive debuts, among many others. Best of luck and safe riding to all our riders. JK