After the exertions of last week, which, may I say were thoroughly worthy of us. Today we head for flatter, more comfortable, but never the less, testing terrain that is the northern part of our province.
Today we sail in to Kilcock via Clane with hopefully a benign breeze and pleasant temperatures. Turning to the place of the gun and on to the place of the button mushroom that is Enfield and Carbury. When we hit the ‘T’ , resistance is required not to scurry for the cover of Allenwood… No! instead we take the bridge and head over the bog to Rathangan where, choices are few for coffee stop. However, choice is required and that decision will be left to the gathered clan. The drive for Rathangan promises to be singularly uneventful and the sight of Monasterevin will be welcome before we head for home via Kildare and Newbridge. This 110km route will be a test of speed over endurance and pouring this mix into the legs will do nothing but prepare you adequately for the travails ahead in the coming weeks. That is the Wicklow Peaks and the Ring of Kerry.
For the faint hearted, or those wanting the comfort of the family unit that is Sunday dinner, there is a get out clause! Simply stay with the group until the turn for Rathangan. Then continue and enjoy our favorite watering hole that is Allenwood, before making your way to Naas either by way of Kilmeague or Prosperous. We always give choices in this peleton!
Whatever route you choose…. ride in your group, dont stretch your fellow riders beyond their endurance and let there be no heroics. Rather! Enjoy the day that is in it, the company you are with and get your ass home safely and in one piece. Re-form at the courthouse to exchange your thoughts and for those who do, congratulate yourselves for completing your first +100 km route of the year.
Bring food and energy stuff, adequate supplies of liquid, your helmet, your Next of Kin ID, your repair kits and sufficient dollars to feed yourself.
Be careful out there!