The final race of 2013 is the Barrow Wheelers GP in New Ross tomorrow so good luck to Hugh (A3) and Sean (A4). Next Tuesday is October 1st and a month where many racers take a rest or consider some cross-training, gym work or yoga etc to keep fit. This is especially true for those who have had a long or hard season – which includes a number of our riders this year. But in terms of training for next year, it is widely suggested that a 5 month build-up is ideal for a rider hoping to peak at specific times.  So those hoping to hit the ground running next March need to get back out fairly soon on those long slow endurance spins. By December, those hoping to do the Gorey 3-Day (Mid-April) will be focussing on quality long spins each weekend with a good steady pace, ramping up each month. Time Trials reach their peak in May-June so the TT specialist could favour a slower start to the new year and build form from after Christmas. While those looking to the A5 category and the club league or the Corkagh Park Womens Series should similarly take it easy up to Christmas and ride their way into form as the weather improves. It really is up to each individual to decide what they want to do; however once we get to Christmas, our Sunday Spins will be led by our strong riders building for Gorey in April – it is always beneficial to train with riders of similar or better ability and to be led from the front, as in a race, and we are hoping the spins go well this winter/spring. We are also splitting the leadership and administrative roles of the group for 2014: road captain for racing, racing secretary for the committee. If there are any persons interested in the committee position, make yourself known to the group as soon as possible.{jcomments on}