We are now into November so its a good time to slow things down a little. A lot are moving to B Group this weekend. In fact, your old C Group captain could well be ‘Jonny no mates’!! on Sunday….;-)).
But no doubt we will survive cause it is a good time for people who have been taking it easy over this last while, to get back up on the bike.
I have set the route short ish and flat to facilitate an easy spin. The wind shouldnt be a big factor but we will travel into it to Kilcullen and thereafter it should not be an issue.
We might even detour into Allenwood for coffee, depending.
Because of an incident in recent spins, I cannot stress enough the need for ICE (in case of emergency) or Next of Kin information including telephone number, to be carried on your bike or on a wrist band (not in your pockets!!). Groups get seperated or people fall back, albiet usually only temporarily. But, these are the times when we are most vulnerable. So please be aware of your own safety and of your fellow riders on your spin.
Dont leave the responsibility to someone else. We are all your clubmates.
The weather is due to get colder and we may not be used to that change so, dress appropriately.
See you Sunday