With a west to south west breeze ,we will head initially for Newbridge cross the Curragh to Kilcullen and take that leg stretcher of a route to Dunlavin. I just hate that road so must be the masochist in me that’s driving me here. None the less we go! Dunlavin had a lovely pop up tea shop the last time I was there and I wonder if its still there. Sold delicious crepes!
However I digress!
Crookstown might be a better coffee stop before, hopefully with a tail(ish) wind will take us to Kilcullen and home.
Some C’s are threatening to move to the B’s in which case we could have small numbers but we will survive! We might even slow the pace and have more craic and coffee and possibly crepes to boot!
Its a good time too for people who have been off the bike for a while to return for winter training at a relatively slow pace and distance.
So if you have been thinking about it…. now is the time. There is plenty of scope in this trip to cut short if necessary.
Bring some money for treats. Bring your Next of kin ID also. weather looks reasonable and should be dry.