This is the first sub 60km ride of the winter. But dont be fooled it has a few lumps on it. A nice outward trip to Kill will take us down by the old mill towards the motorway. This is a rough road in parts. All along the left side is a bit hazzardous so keep out, mindful of any oncoming traffic. Cross the motorway for an idylic trip and climb up to Athgoe before descending at pace into Newcastle. Beware traffic on the descent, it can be fast. Leisurely then into Rathcool and Saggart before starting that legendary deceptive climb to the N81. You will wonder why your legs are hurting on this nasty rise, but they surely will so take it at your pace. Get off the N81 pronto (hate that road!!) and drift at leisure to Manor Kilbride. Go the long way to Blessington around the lower lake and I assure you you will be ready for the eyeballs out blast to Naas. We may have no ‘safety car’ to moderate the enthusiasm ( he having moved to greener pastures). We will however be taking care of one another, as is our norm and please god arrive back safely to Naas.
I will again be missing but will be surely back in the saddle soon.
Mudguards of suitable standard should all now be fitted. Light are now carried by most but for some reason and inexplicably people refuse to turn them on!! I mean…guys!!! what are lights for except to make you visible to oncoming! Hey lads!!! LETS TUNE IN AND TURN ON!!!
Coffee can be decided on the road. Newcastle or Rathcoole would be good.