This should have been our route for last Sunday but because we got side tracked by the B Group and ended up with them, we didnt manage it. So now is our chance. Check the weather and dress accordingly. People MUST fit proper mudguards! We have this urging every year and really we shouldnt have to. If you have ridden behind a naked rear wheel (or a scantily clad one) youll know the feeling. So please respect your fellow riders and fit mudguards. You will also be protecting that ‘must have’ piece of kit you are riding on. You will be keeping the crud off your other valuable parts!
Speaking of crud!!
Should anyone feel the need on the trip to dislodge offensive material from any exposed orifices, namely mouth or nose, can they please do it at the rear of the group where it can safely disperse itself to the 4 winds and not over my ‘must have’ piece of kit.
On a more serious note !
An impassioned plea last week from Gail for everyone to carry next of kin ID on their bikes was well taken and I would echo her feelings. Can everyone please ensure that proper NOK id is on the bike or on a band on your wrist.