Group target: To facilitate those club members looking to achieve higher-level cycling performances. The main focus will be on endurance sportives although cyclists taking part in these events is not essential for any member.

Tour calendar: The following are particular favourites:

Naas CC Tours- Tour de Foothills, Wicklow Peaks, Martin Earley Tour of Kildare

Slieve Bloom Challenge (Carlow Cycling Club)

Mount Leinster Challenge (Slaney Cycling Club)

Tour of Kilkenny (Marble City Wheelers)

Leinster Loop (St. Laurence’s)

Sean Kelly Tour of Waterford


Spin duration (max.)


Typical distance

& speed*


3 hours

Base fitness maintenance.

75-80 km @ 25-27 km/h


4 hours

Pre-season training.

110-115 km @25-29 km/h


Main sportive season. Preferred sportive details will be posted on club website. “A” group weekly spins will take place as numbers permit.


3.5 hours

End of season easing down

95-100 km @ 27-29 km/h

Group spins: Meet every Sunday at Naas Courthouse at 9.00 a.m.  The table shows how the weekly spins will change over the course of the year.

* NOTE: Distances covered and average speeds will depend on factors such as the size of the group, weather conditions, type of route etc. These figures are indicative only.


Group-specific rules:

  • Captain and vice-captain are elected by the group at AGM each year and will represent the group on NCC committee
  • Captain calls routes (vice-captain in absence)
  • All riders must adhere to captain’s instructions during spin
    • Group captain/vice-captain will ensure all riders can make it home safely
    • Group members should be capable of fast, close riding on challenging routes over longer distances.
    • Group members should have an ability to carry out simple puncture or mechanical repairs on the road. (Main group will keep moving to stay warm while repairs are performed).
    • Group members should carry the following on every ride-
  1. Spare tubes, tyre levers and pump/gas
  2. Small multi-tool
  3. Mobile phone
  4. Emergency Contact Details (ICE)
  5. Food and drinks as required
  6. Cash for coffee/emergency supplies


  • “A” group cyclists, in common with all club members, represent Naas Cycling Club whenever they are out and about. Members should leave a positive image of the club (and cyclists in general) wherever they go.