C Group ride for Sunday 2nd March takes us into the first days of Spring and hopefully that will be reflected by the weather and the turn out. Again, as with last week, we are catering for club members who, for whatever reason, haven’t been doing a lot of km’s over the winter. Consequently, I have set a route of 70km which includes a secondary route of 50km to facilitate new and returning members. That turn off will be at the Curragh for Newbridge and home.
We will keep the pace moderate depending who turns out but hopefully we can satisfy everyone’s needs.
The first 20km is a little lumpy but thereafter it will be pretty flat. We will coffee up in Kilcullen before the 50km route turnoff.
We are fast approaching the sportive season so people should be preparing and pushing themselves a little. So we are trying to strike a delicate balance between newcomers, returners and old stagers. week on week we will be increasing our efforts, so its crucial that we get returners out now! So if you know anyone who is promising themselves to get back! Now is the time. Leave it any longer and the the bus will have left.
I also propose we have a get together some evening to discuss our future plans for the C Group. But we can chat about this on the road.
Dont forget! Its still winter weather so keep those mudguards and lights on the bike for another while. Wear warm gear and bring your money for the coffee break.
Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday