Weather is set for fine with a little and odd shower for Sunday. The temperatures are beginning to creep up. That’s not to say that you should start shedding you layers just yet. I’m just trying to raise your spirits! Don’t mind me!
Today we strike out for Blessington. (Don’t you just hate that road?). However we will be taking it easy on this stretch, not to scare people away, including me. From there we glide down into Manor Kilbride and back up to N81 heading east we turn for Saggart. This is a fast and narrow downhill and required your complete attention cause it can be fast, is fast.
You are liable to meet the mass returners coming up reading the Sunday papers, so caution required. Saggart to rathcoole and onward to Celbridge. Regroup and coffee in Celbridge and there we shall assess the 50km turnoff back to NAAS.
Thereafter it on to Maynooth before turning for Barberstown and Straffan. Pushing on then back to Kill and NAAS.
It’s a nice forgiving route with all the nasty bits at the start.
We had a 16 out last week and hope to have a few more this week. I would urge again those of a sedentary disposition who are procrastinating about “will I or won’t I…” To kick themselves out of the bed and come with us. We will be kind to you! We won’t leave you behind and we will even help you with your coffee!!
The route is a comfortable distance around 70 km and with the decent weather will be a true delight.
Don’t forget Next of Kin ID on your bike, mudguards are still as necessary as gloves and a rain jacket. Bring you water, repair kit and sheckles for the coffee and a bun. Hope to have the libation in Celbridge but we are open to suggestions on that one. We will assess the 50 km issue on the morning.
Start time the usual 9am and hope to see you there.