Lets do some climbing!!
With the Marie Keating coming up next week we better get some leg miles in!
While we still have good weather and I hope its still ok by Sunday, we should trip into the Wicklow Wilds!
Glendalough should be nice this time of year. Leaves are starting to show the worse for wear and a stop there for coffee and refreshment might be a welcome sight. Later in the year, on the Fading Light Tour, might be a different picture, so lets take advantage.
We expect some youths to accompany us this week. So as they are required to restrict their journey to 65km or thereabouts, I set a shorter route turning off at Kings River, around the lakes to Manor Kilbride and back home across Crosschapel.
Should be an interesting day.
Bring water as its still summer and the gaps are bereft of water stops. Bring food to get you to the food stop, make sure you are equipped for punctures and the like and bring ID on your person.
Enjoy the ride and leave no one behind.
Tip for the Trip……Inflate your tyres to more than 100psi on the morning. Punctures are, more often than not, caused by under inflated tyres.