Weather looks good again for Sunday and its a while since we did the Baltinglass route so we are off there Sunday.
I’ve put a few little twists in to take the boredom out of our day and maybe we might add a few more as the day goes. Depending on our mood!
Some of us may be returning off the Saturday 50km so it’s a relatively flat route with plenty of time for chat and banter I hope.
The hedge cuttin season is upon us and its murder on our narrow types. So make sure your inflated properly and come complete with spares tubes and pump.
Now is the time to be getting your mudguards oiled up and ready for fitting. In deference to your club mates behind you and check out your lights front and rear.
See and be Seen is the order of the day.
If we are approaching a T junction and turning left riding Two by Two. In my view it’s not necessary for the inside ‘man’ to check for ‘road clear’ coming from the right cause being distracted can cause an accident. Person on the right, ‘the outside’ , can check for oncoming and call clear or not . Inside man should concentrate on the road and respond accordingly! Discuss!!