Pace is 20/23kph. Club and rules of the road to be obeyed 
at all times.
With all the fog theese days, LIGHTS put them on your bike,
and lets be seen out there.

Okay folks this weeks spin takes us out the Blessington Rd,
turning left towards Ballyogan and on towards Blackchurch,
turning left at Castlewarden Golf Course towards the Blue Door 
and on to Barberstown for coffee!!!
After coffee we will head out the Maynooth Rd turning left 
onto the Barberstown Rd for a straight run past Donadea,
through Prosperous along the canal to Digbys Bridge and 
into Carragh and home, simples.
Don’t forget I.C.E. contacts/ road id, and money for coffee.
Be safe and enjoy, see you Saturday.

Tony F.