I know for sure that this coming Sunday will be better, weather-wise, than last Sunday. You ask how I know this? Well obvious really!
Mid April? Great time for a bit of peace and reconciliation!
Trip seems longer in my head than it actually is 84km with 1000m of climbing. But we have done rides with more climbing this year.
With weather getting better, its easy to forget that we need more water than what we have been carrying heretofore. So fill your bottles cause if you are familiar with Glencree, the water issue has been a bit of a contentious issue on earlier visits. Im hoping that will have changed on our first visit of the year.
Make sure your tyres are properly inflated to minimise the risk of punctures and you are carrying spare tubes and a pump.
The route is taking us over Ballysmutton first before the Sally Gap and onto Glencree and Tallaght for a homeward on N81 to Blessington and home.
Hard to see an early turn-off except a retrace from top of the Gap.
As we are now in ‘motor mode’ in C Group, I am conscious still of returning riders and those wishing to get up to speed. For these riders this may not be the best route but to be aware of the Inbetweeners Group on Saturday morning at 9.30am at K Leisure.
Hoping for a big turn out in the good weather, look forward to a good spin.
Be careful out there!