Here for Felim and Oonagh! We move into the 100km + routing. Easy knowing I wont be there! ;-D Ill be off on the 2 week Cycle against Suicide. I have made arrangements to have routes posted for the following two weeks. So no slacking while Im away!
This is a reasonably flat trip up into Meath, coming dangerously close to Tony Gavin stomping ground and Im assured we have permission to go there ;-D (If you can find it!).
For those wanting a shorter trip, try cutting off from Dunshaughlin to Summerhill. Altho this route 110km is eminently do-able.
Weather is set to change so make sure you are covered.
Enjoy the trip.
And do as you always do. Look after each other.
Im told Tara has good offers on Double Scones! So simon you will be in your element.

John B