Having some trouble with Facebook but here is the route for Sunday.
Because of a straight southerly wind we will head to Baltinglass via Ballymore and back via Ballytore and Kilcullen. Heading into the wind down the n81, we can practice our smooth and frequent rollovers. Steady pace, steady cadence on the small ring. Might keep our average speed down but legs will benefit heading into the Spring.
Haven’t you noticed?? Winter is nearly over!!
Timely reminder to everyone! ICE I.D. is compulsory in the club. So if you don’t have it already on your bike or wrist, time you had! This is an important issue! Don’t ignore it!
Cause it IS still winter, bring 2 spare tubes ensure proper tyre inflation to minimise mechanical downtime and of course a pump.
See you all Sunday

John B
C Group Captain