Thursday…. more fat burning required.
Punishment for all those Quality Street!!!
Had another good spin today. The few hills that were thrown in were retribution! But not enough!
The weather is amazing and due to get better as the week goes. Its a shame to waste it.So for Thursday (tomorrow) . This is the route.
Its pretty flat except for the short sharp shock before Rathcoole. After that its routinely flat.
Im aware that there are people looking for early climbing training. So for them Ive set them to turn off at Rathmore and do the Rathcoole route through Kilteel.
Regroup at the Poitin Still entrance to Rathcoole.
Coffee in Celbridge or Barberstown Cross (if its open! anyone know?) and home via Ladychapel and Prosperous.
70km 400 m climbing for the ‘slow burners’. A bit more for those who need it ;-D
Look forward to see a good mix.
Colm Ally is on a mission so lets get him over the line! He can explain.

John B