Tom Ryan’s perspective on this weekend’s group shuffle.

Sunday 29th will be known as fledgling day as the young “C” Groupers left their nest. There was a few fluttering’s the previous week as they stretched their wings and tried to break away from the group, to the consternation of those at the back.


They were well prepared for the flight, as the wise “C” Group captain, like a good mother hen, took the stronger ones for a trip to the Sally Gap in the weeks beforehand. On the day under the subterfuge of inclement weather conditions he delayed the “C” Group start until 10 am to allow those that were departing to take off without a backward glance.


It was a depleted, but not defeated, “C” Group that left the courthouse at 10 am on Sunday under the wise counsel of the “C” and Failte group captains, as they no doubt plotted for new arrivals and next year’s flight from the nest.