C Group ride for Sunday 19th February. Preceded by a one minute silence.
With the cold cold weather seeming to have moved off us. We should take the opportunity to get a bit of distance in. So Stradbally is the destination of choice this week. We might be heading into a slight south easterly breeze but it shouldn’t be much, according to Met Eireann.
After the dreadful accident last Sunday causing the death of young Tonya Mc Evoy. It behoves us all to think again about our own safety and the safety of our fellow riders. We can get very blase sometimes, well I can, about our vulnerability on the road and take a lot of things for granted. So please lets ride more carefully and positively and safely. Stay behind the wheel in front, keep as tight as you safely can and lets all get home safe.
It has been agreed to hold a one minute silence for Tonya before we head off
John B