C Group route for Sunday 2nd April
The TDF is coming up next week so a little bit of climbing is on the agenda this week.
Out to Kilteel and up the little lamb, Manor Kilbride and the Lakes to coffee in Russborough. Then Ballymore, Kilcullen and home .
A nice 79km to whet the appetite and set us up for the following week.
Remember the club rules of carrying an ID/NOK bracelet and mobile phone.
We operated a sweeper system last week which seemed to work well. Regroup for the final 2km into town worked out too altho that might require a certain discipline on behalf of everyone. But hopefully it will not be too much of an inconvenience for anyone.
Final regroup this week will be at Killashee Hotel.
Also, don’t forget to advise your captain or vice captain if you are turning off early or otherwise heading off.
We don’t want to go looking for you.