C Group ride for Sunday 26th March.

Don’t forget you will be losing an hour this weekend!
Don’t arrive at the courthouse at 9 cause it will actually be 10 and we will be gone. Instead, arrive at 8 cause it will actually be 9. If you get my drift!!
At 8am which will actually be 9am we are heading for Emo.
We did this route and distance in March last year. And as the weather will be fairly good for the weekend, it promises to be a good trip. Light winds from the NE
descent temperatures and no rain.
It is hoped that everyone will have received and read the safety guidelines as set out by the committee.
These are all valuable advices and we will be implementing them in so far as we can from Sunday.
Please do not leave the responsibility for implementing these, only to your captain and vice captains. Its down to everyone to play their part to keep us all on board and make our way home safely.
A lot of these guidelines are not knew to us in C Group. So its shouldn’t be a big step up for us . We just have to be a little bit more fastidious in their implementation.
Next of Kin ID and the carrying of a mobile are essential on spins. Proper fitting helmets (not stuck on the top of your bonse with layers of woolly hats underneath) are a pre-requisite to your spin. Two fingers from your helmet to your eyebrows and you should be able to get no more than 2 fingers under your chinstrap. (Did you know your helmet has a sell-by date underneath? It should be no more than 5 years old!) Check it out!

First day of Summer! Lets make it a good one.
See you Sunday

John B


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