C Group 100 Miler 2017.

Back in the day (1988 to be precise) , at the inception of the Tour of Kildare. Our founder member, Tom Keenan came up with a 200km route which had the distinction of being completed without leaving the County of Kildare.
This is a slight variation on that route. Still staying in the County but reduced somewhat to accomodate our requirement for 100 miles. I didn’t quite manage it, being as it is 171.4 km or 105 miles.
The 100 mile mark would be somewhere on the Naas side of Kilcullen past Silliot Hill. The OCD’s among you may want to order a taxi to take them the rest of the way or indeed abandon at the side of the road and await assistance. Either way we will achieve our requisite 100 miles in the County Kildare and complete that effort in the comfort of our well liked hostelry, that is Mc Cormicks, for suitable refreshments and craic.

We are determined that our erstwhile catering manager, resident photographer and motorised back up queen Catherine Hinch​ , will actually cycle it this time. So we will be looking for someone, suitable qualified to fill that role (or Rolls). We will also be calling on the usual suspects, Kieran Cleary​, Trish McGuane​, Thomas Finnegan​ and anyone else who honed their baking skills last year, providing copious amounts for Spicy chicken rolls, and chocolate brownies for our delectation and delight.
The date has yet to be decided but that will be released shortly. Giving plenty of time for people to prepare for this act of endurance.

Spread the word! We will be riding at C Group pace or less! There will be NO EYEBALLS OUT! NO RACING OFF THE FRONT! And DEFINITELY NO SPLITS IN THE PELETON!! Sweepers and leaders will be present on the day but it won’t we a SLOW BOAT TO CHINA either!! So be prepared to be entertained and entertaining!

John B


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