C Group ride for Sunday 2nd July

Probably should be called Hilly But Never too Far From Home!
Gonna do some hills on Sunday! Small hills! But a few!
Blessington to before Manor Kilbride a hill we have never been up before. Around to Manor Kilbride, Up The Dowery and onto Kippure, back to Ballysmutton.
Coffee in Blessington. ( There will be NO EARLY TURNOFF HERE ;-D)
Then around the lakes, up Quintagh and back around to Valleymount.
The hills, such as they are, are interspersed with rests and downhills. So no one should be daunted with the 1200m of climbing. Its overall distance of 92km makes it an easy day!
Look forward to see a good group out. All will be minded and no one will be left behind. Not even me! Ill be on the back by default.
Weather looks decent for Sunday. Heat should be up and wind should be immaterial.
Bring the usual.
See you Sunday

John B


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