Unfortunately last week we cut some of our route out after John R came down. But don’t fret John is hopefully on the mend, so we can resume sort of where we left off. That is The Lamb! In order to get there we are going a slightly off the normal track, route. Arriving at Kilteel and heading to the lamb. After that its pretty flat for the rest of the day.
For a bit of a novelty we are going to track across to Corkagh Park were we will do some laps and have a bit of fun. I’m informed its not booked so we might get some time on there before heading back. On the return we will throw in a little rise before heading for Kill and home. Take a snack in your pocket. Coffee might be in Newcastle on the way back. Bring ID’s and spares. Those not wanting to do the lamb can turn to Rathcoole at Kilteel and we can meet up. Would be a shame to miss Corkagh Park.
see you at the courthouse
John B