C Group ride for Sunday 15th October 2017

Last week we had a nice combined spin with the C Group and the B Group combining. Unfortunately it was marred by one of our number falling and having to abandon. Fortunately he was not badly hurt and some members accompanied him home.
Last week was a fast flat route that suited everyone. But this week its a bit more lumpy.
Distance is 71km and the weather is set to be ok on the day. Wind will be from the south. which will assist us on the way home.
Route will take us to Kilcullen/Dunlavin/Rathsallagh/Brewers Hill/and Crookstown for coffee. Second leg is Narraghmore/Calverstown/Kilcullen/Athgarvan/Two mile House and home.
One of the items for discussion at our C Group meeting next Friday night will be about our group riding the bicycle lanes around Naas on our outward and inward cycles. Particularly the Kilcullen Road lanes.
With this in mind I would like that those who feel like it, should try riding them on Sunday. Just to see what its like. We can discuss the logistics of this on Sunday when we meet and at least we will be familiar with the issue when it comes up.
Looking forward to see you all out on Sunday.
Make sure of working lights and properly inflated tyres.

John B