C Group Ride for Sunday 22nd October

Looking forward to our Sunday Spin after all the cancellations and disruptions of the past week, including Saturday.
Heading out this week, riding a westerly wind, through Knockanally up to Summerhill, chasing a tailwind till we tack into Kilcock and home. 81km with small climbs with coffee in Summerhill.
Weather looks on the cool side but overall should be a nice day and we should see the benefits of spinning classes for those who partake.
Check your tyres for cuts and abrasions before Sunday and repair and replace as necessary. We are in hedge cutting season so its important to have good tyres suitable inflated. If you are making out your Christmas Lists (and anyone who knows me well enough knows the C word to me is abhorrent and anathema) you could do worse that ask for a quality Track Pump. Worth its weight in gold to a cyclist.
Look forward to seeing you all Sunday.

John B