C Group route for Sunday 8th October

Sorry for the late notice of Sundays route. Been busy!
This Sunday we will be riding the same route as the B Group. However, much slower!
As you all know we are a much slower group than the B Group and they have kindly agreed to wait for us so we don’t get lost.
Its an opportunity for those in the group who want to improve on their skills, to ride with better cyclists.
Seriously though, with the reduction in pace for the winter. And the shortening of distances, some may not yet be ready to ‘slow it down’ just yet.
So its an opportunity to stretch legs if you feel you want to.
C Group will be riding at our pace and we will still be all together at the end.
Edenderry for coffee.
Weather looks ok so far. So we should be in for a good spin.
Now is the time, despite some reticence, to rig for winter running. That means mudguards and functioning lights !
For myself. I am looking forward to riding with the C Group again, after what seems like an age.

See you all Sunday for our little spin! ;-D

John B