C Group Update.
As we move into winter mode in the group, we discard cycle shorts and short sleeve cycle tops and fingerless gloves and replace them with long pants, winter jackets and goretex type woolies!
Some like this time of year. I can’t think why!
For us it means slower and shorter rides, darker mornings and colder cycles and mudguards. Turning our bikes into bicycles!
It does not however seem to dampen our spirits for cycling. Winter cycling has a personality of its own.
Shorter, slower rides still allow time for chat, camaraderie and that feeling of doing something thats good for the body.
We plan for the Spring and know, if we keep riding through the bad days, the good days will soon be upon us again. When we can look forward to and look back on those sunny days of summer. And we will arrive in Spring, fitter and better than we thought we might be.
So as we embrace the onset of winter, lets dig out the woolies, slow down the averages, stay west of the N81 and seize the days ahead.
We have a new Vice Captain in the guise of John Ruddy who together with Shane Kennedy, Hugh Durnin, Kieran Cleary and Denis Murray and myself will be looking after the group into the foreseeable. I, along with my colleagues, are grateful for your continued confidence in us.
Our charter remains the same. 60/80km spins with averages between 22/26kph.
Our ethos remains constant. Look after each other and yourself on the road and ensure everyone gets home safely.
Im feeling better about the winter already.
See you all Sunday and into the Winter ahead.
John B