In all the time I have been riding my bike. One of my wishes was thst some morning I would wake up with a gale blowing steady from one direction and I would get someone to drive me 50 miles down the road and turn me loose. It never happened…till today! We left Leenane in the most amazing gale force. If it had been headwind we would all have gone back to.bed.

After 15km going around the fiord we were still looking over at our hotel.Big group of new cyclists this morning all gung-ho and ready for the road. Pace picked up as wind picked up and soon we were sailing through gorgeous mountainy scenes with a monster wind in our backs. Climbs were like no problem! Up and over and on. A static camera crew were battling to hold their cameras steady as we flew through. Stopping for coffee after what seemed an unearned stop was none the less welcome. Great warm scones and coffee and biscuits before continuing our journey on this roller coaster of a ride. We have a new Road captain on the road today. A very experienced bike rider who takes time to give us individual cycling tips as we go. You’re never too old to learn..for sure!

Into Louisburg and cruising into Westport. Getting tired now. Why did they build Westport on so many hills? Enough to pull the legs out of you. Newport was a welcome sight. Soup and sandwiches and coffee in a most welcoming hostelry. Reunited again with the whole group.

Soon the road rises again and we are off for Mulranny and Achill. We knew I think, that there would be a price for such a roller coaster ride!
At Mulranny the Sky opened! The wind came around to the side, the road flooded. Water was now draining from every orifice. Rain was horizontal and it was now getting dangerous. Bikes were being thrown around on the road and it was all we could do to stay upright. A decision wad made on entering Achill Island across Achill Sound to shortcut to our hotel. A wise decision. Tired and soaking now we entered the warmth of Achill Sound hotel.Not to be outdone.. We are adding on the bit we missed tomorrow.

Great day on the bike!!