Suncroft has alway been illusive. However, Ive travelled it today and it definitely exists and Im convinced we can find it again.
Heading to Monasterevin and Kildangan . Either is a possibility for coffee at 30km or 35km. Other than that its Suncroft at 53km. where Tom O Hanlon is expected!
Word of caution! People have been known to get lost in search of Suncroft and have never been seen again. So early coffee might be a good option. Then, through the camp and home via Newbridge.
82km total with 360m. Should be a nice day but cold. So dress for the weather. No rain is expected (Michael Fish style).
Having experienced the double puncture myself last week with one tube! Not to be recommended. Borrowing one off your mate leaves you maybe looking for friends! Be double tubed for this trip. Tyres inflated to correct pressures and avoid the glassy court!
Keep warm, keep safe and keep eyes skinned for Suncroft.
But most of all enjoy the trip.
See you all Sunday
John B