C Group Ride for Sunday 26th November.
Sunday is giving it rainless with a westerly light wind, but cold. So I think we need a shortish spin with a few efforts thrown in. Nothing too strenuous or taxing but when Dunlavin from the east side is involved… well, what can I say.
Trip is 69km long with 500m elevation. I won’t call it climbing!
Route is Ballymore and heading to Tuckmill and up to Dunlavin. Easy to Kilcullen and home. Painless! Coffee is in Dunlavin.
This is probably our first cold morning so layer up. Pace will be steady as normal.
There will be debris on the road from the heavy rain during the week. Any flooding should have abated. But bring 2 tubes.
Not going to be dogmatic about mudguards having had my own tribulations with the wretched things over the last 2 weeks. I had a “Delboy Fall” last Sunday. Totally due to a new set of Raceblades! So if you are fitting them, make sure they are on correctly. Should you decide not to, Ive no doubt your colleagues will extend their opinions to you!
Either way, have a good day and stay safe.
Look forward to seeing you all Sunday.

John B