It was a night to be remembered
Pat our man directing operations
Trish our finance guru, her modelling suspended

Both Shane’s their career advancements now secured

Step down from their positions

Making way for others with ambitions

A successful year we were assured

Racers, tourers all did well

Finances were a brimming

Then to the proper business of the night we were directed

To our left, past jerseys, former times remembered

On our right the future vision….

Smithy, a former racer the dream unfolded

Of continental trends and colours blended

A fading jersey now to be replaced

A discussion followed from the floor

Hugh with Fáilte Captain’s hat a bottoms up approach suggested
Now Pat a man well versed in warfare was not to be deflected

A vote was held, there was no contest

No leggy models needed to persuade us

The future vision held.