C Group spin for Sunday 25th February

At our recent vice-captains meeting, among other things, we decided we would rotate the route planning among there vice-captains.
Hugh drew the short straw. So this is Hugh’s route for Sunday. 70 km with 450m of climbing mostly in the last half. I gather we have a treat of a coffee stop on the cards.
So we are looking for a good turn-out.
Sunday is going to be cold but dry. So wrap up well. Roads should be dry so unlikely event of frost. But a bitter SE wind will be in attendance.
Spring is on its way so lets get out there in preparation. We will be taking it easy, making sure everyone stay on. We will split into groups of 8 to 10. we will endeavour to have
two vice captains with each group and we will be practicing in-line formation, shoulder-to-shoulder riding and ‘eyes front’ riding. Groups will not get more than 500m apart so
we will arrive at stops together. There will be NO FAST GROUP or NO SLOW GROUP. there will only be ONE GROUP i.e. THE C GROUP.
Look forward to seeing ALL PAID UP MEMBERS on Sunday. If you’re not paid up!! ENJOY THE LIE IN!!

John B