C Group ride for Sunday 11th March.

Its been a long 2 weeks! Bike Stir crazy is about over!
With TDF looming large, we need to stretch ourselves a bit.
93km to Stradbally should do it. Less than 500 m of climbing is gentle.
Be warned ! We cross the N81 next week! So this is good preparation.
I know its mothers day too, so we will try not to tarry! Equally there are turn-offs if need be.
We will resume our small group strategy, concentrating on close formation riding and concentration.
In the aftermath of the Minimum Passing Distance becoming law, proposal, it will be interesting to see if we see any
difference on the road.
Ive done my back in shovelling snow so will be tender but trying on the day.
Looking forward to getting out.
See you all Sunday

John B