The following Groups are currently active in our Club.

IMPORTANT: Only Drop Bar Race Bikes Are Allowed On Naas Cycling Club Rides – This Is A Safety Requirement, No Exceptions

Saturday 9.30am from K Leisure Carpark, Caragh Road – duration approx. 3 – 3.5 hrs.

Inbetweeners – Slow To Moderate 22-25kph / Distance 60km “No Drop”

Sunday: 9.00am from Courthouse on Main Street, Naas – duration approx. 3 – 4 hrs.

Start time may change during summer months, inclement weather or on longer spins.
Group Captains will publish this change on each groups WhatsApp channel.

Racing Group – Fast Pace 30kph+ / Distance 100km+

A Group – Fast pace 28-30kph / Distance 100km+

B Group – Moderate pace 26-28kph / Distance 100km “No Drop”

C Group – Moderate pace 24-26kph / Distance 100km “No Drop”

Social Group – Slow pace 22-25kph / Distance 50 km “No Drop” , aimed at members returning to cycling and members who want to cycle at a social pace. Emphasis on social spin.

Speeds & Distances Can Vary Depending On Conditions & Participants

A “No Drop Ride” is a ride where no one gets left behind should a rider not be able to hold the pace or if they have a mechanical or flat tire.

So where can I slot in?

If in doubt after reading the categories below, please email our Club Secretary, Ray on

  • If you have a racing licence or limited competition licence and would like to join our Racing Team please email Conor at
  • If you are an experienced cyclist and would now like to join our club please email
  • If you are transferring from another club and have 6 months + experience with that club please email
  • If you are relatively new to cycling and are currently cycling up to or beyond 40km on your own at a speed of at least 22kmh, please email our club Secretary Ray on to discuss the best way for you to get started with Naas Cycling Club