At Naas Cycling Club, we serve a diverse community of both leisure and competitive cyclists with a focus on Road Cycling. Our official group rides are designed exclusively for this discipline, and therefore, only bicycles equipped with Drop Bar style handlebars are allowed to participate. We strictly adhere to this guideline to ensure the safety and integrity of our rides.

Please note that E-Bikes are generally not permitted on our rides. An exception is made for the Social Group rides, but this requires prior approval from the Social Group Captain. Additionally, the E-Bike must meet pedal assist legal requirements and be equipped with Drop Bar handlebars to be considered for approval. This policy is in place as a safety measure, and we strictly enforce it without exceptions

The annual cost of membership is from €89.35 which includes Club Membership & Cycling Ireland Leisure Licence, and payment is made via the Cycling Ireland website

Below are our structured weekly group rides, check which one suits you and contact our Club Secretary Ray on to discuss next steps.

Saturday 9.30am from K Leisure Carpark, Caragh Road – duration approx. 2 – 2.5 hrs.

Inbetweeners – Slow To Moderate 22-25kph / Distance 60km “No Drop”

Sunday: 9.00am from Courthouse on Main Street, Naas – duration approx. 3 – 4 hrs.

Start time may change during summer months, inclement weather or on longer spins.
Group Captains will publish this change on each groups WhatsApp channel.

Racing Group – Fast Pace 30kph+ / Distance 100km+

A Group – Fast pace 28-30kph / Distance 100km+

B Group – Moderate pace 26-28kph / Distance 100km “No Drop”

C Group – Moderate pace 24-26kph / Distance 100km “No Drop”

Social Group – Slow pace 22-25kph / Distance 50 km “No Drop” , aimed at members returning to cycling and members who want to cycle at a social pace. Emphasis on social spin.

Speeds & Distances Can Vary Depending On Conditions & Participants

A “No Drop Ride” is a ride where no one gets left behind should a rider not be able to hold the pace or if they have a mechanical or flat tire.

So where can I slot in?

If in doubt after reading the categories below, please email our Club Secretary, Ray on

  • If you have a racing licence or limited competition licence and would like to join our Racing Team please email Conor at
  • If you are an experienced cyclist and would now like to join our club please email
  • If you are transferring from another club and have 6 months + experience with that club please email
  • If you are relatively new to cycling and are currently cycling up to or beyond 40km on your own at a speed of at least 22kmh, please email our club Secretary Ray on to discuss the best way for you to get started with Naas Cycling Club