Season underway at Sundrive
The track season is well underway at the Sundrive Track with training underway since mid January and nearly 60 riders accrediteded to date and squad session run for Junior Men, U25 Men and Women’s Elite Development Teams. The new dressing rooms etc have also come online at Sundrive with the new building now complete. Other significant changes are that there is now a ten foot unclimbable fence surrounding the track so there is no casual access for those who caused last years damage but unfortunately this also limits casual access by riders. We have already seen increased interest this year and to cater for and to progress all the diverse abilities we need to become more organised by splitting sessions based on ability and ensuring everything runs ontime.

3 separate Saturday sessions
From this Saturday there is a Derny session run by Kilcullen CC from 0800 to 1030 and riders who ride our league in the A or B sections and who have their own bikes are welcome. Only riders in the string are permitted on the track and no entry or exit while deerny is running.

This session will be followed by a session for B/C riders and bike hire available for this session. Sign on for this session is 10.30 and bike shed closes at 10.50. If you are not on the fence ready to roll at 11, you are not in the session. No youth riders in this session apart from those who can integrate with easy.  You know who you are – if in doubt ring me. Sign on for the final session is 12.30 with bike shed closing at 12.50. This session is primarily for U12/U14 riders and novice U16. Session runs fro, 1300 to 1400.

These are are listed on the track website and will happen seperate to normal training at the listed times. These will take place twice a month, sometimes on Saturdays at 12.30 and others at 1800 on a Friday evening. From April it is no no longer allowed to change pedals on hire bikes. Our bikes are fitted with either toe straps or Look Delta pedals and you will need those plates on your shoes. This is the norm at both Manchester and Newport Velodromes so you need to get used to this if you want to progress. You also need to bring an alan key to adjust your saddle height which you should know allowing for the 165 cranks which are on track bikes.

Sundrive Costs
Accreditation     :€10 Senior,€5 fYouth/Unwaged
Hire bikes :         €5 Senior, €2 Youth/Unwaged
Training : April to October
Senior               €30 per season (or €5 per session)
Junior/Unwaged €20 per season (or €3 per session)
U12/U14/U16    €10 per season (or €3 per session)
This includes all Saturday training and Monday training which runs from May to September
Leagues 2 x 8 weeks
Senior               €30 per League of 8 weeks (or €10 per night)
Junior/Unwaged €20 per League of 8 weeks (or €10 per night)
U12/U14/U16    €10 per League of 8 weeks (or €5 per night)
Payments have to be paid in one go – no credit for paying week by week

Club Days
We can organise club sessions for to incude accreditations etc but will only accept a maximum of 16 new riders.
These sessions will be of 2 hours duration and will cost €100 euro and we will supply hire bikes and two coaches.

Club days can also be run by the club itself it they have their own accredited track coach but bike hire rates apply or a group rate of €40.  
Two coaches must be present at all such club sessions.
Access outside of normal hours
The track in locked an inaccessable due to the new fence but we can supply access and a coach for €20.  
All sessions need to be supervised by a qualified track coach
Cost of Derny hire €40 per hour.
Hire Bikes (Pedals)
From April it is no no longer allowed to change pedals on hire bikes and gearing is set to 82 inches
Shoes with Look Delta plates required (or runners can be used with toe straps)
We ask for everyone’s cooperation in all listed above so the we in the Track Commission can deliver better quality and more structured training in a concise and timely manner that ultimately will benefit all. We would ask all to keep an eye on calendar on track website for any changes regarding times of sessions etc
Hugh Byrne 086-3488708