Sunday plans to be the best day ever, so I am planning a trip to the mountains.
But first things first. We have the official launch of the Wicklow Peaks Tour on Sunday morning. There will be a club photograph for the launch so as many as possible please turn out in your club gear. The whole thing might delay our start for a little while but soon we will be wending our way to Blessington and the Sally Gap, down the Military Road for coffee and cake in Laragh before hitting the grind that is the Wicklow Gap.
Be assured that when we crest the hill, which will be a delight, we will wing our way all the way down to Valleymount. Believe me, its worth the climb to get the descent.
Bring 2 bottles, sun cream and some energy food for the interim.
Wicklow 200 is on that day and we might meet them coming the opposite way but we will be grinding!
This ride is well within everyones comfort zone and with the Peaks in a few weeks will give the necessary to hit that one.