After the trip with the B’s last week, we are ready for a proper ride!!! ;-D
Long time since we did that short sharp one on the Ballymore road. But we will be taking it easy up there till we get a stretch in the legs. We might even collect Ann Headon on the way …haha! Time we get to Ballymore we will be ready to stretch it out up the hill to N81. Last time on N81 to Baltinglass we froze!! Remember? Tom Ryan had to take the food out of my pockets, my hands were numb. It was too cold to stop for coffee!!! Kid you not!!!
This day we should be ok. weather is set for fine and warm. All of us will have miles under our jerseys by now so this should be a fun ride.
Crookstown is our watering hole. We like it there and we can have the coffee and the craic. Cutting across for Kildare we head through fontstown and through the mighty Boley men country and at Kildare we sail our way hopefully with a following breeze back home to Naas through Newbridge and over our, by now famous,eyeballs out stretch from There to B&Q roundabout.
I dont need to tell you to cover yourself in sun cream, bring plenty of water and hydrate regularly on the road. Bring money for coffee and a bun and food for the road.
We probably have some newcomers on the spin, so introduce yourself and we go and take care of each other.
A shorter route might be a straight run back from Crookstown for those newbies and anyone else wanting to have an early day with the family. That would make a 65/70km run.
Whatever way, the safety car, that is Mick, will be in attendance as will I, to marshal the troops and hopefully we will all come home safe.
The route is 95km with a few humps and it promises to be exhilarating.
We also welcome new potential members to come join us. We will give you 2 free rides after which you must join the club. Helmets and Next of Kin ID is compulsory!