I hear there was a bit of a ruckus down in Stradbally last weekend! Lots of music and bands and singers and stuff! Maybe we should go down to see what all the commotion was all about.
The weather is set to be nice, so it will be good to get nearly 100km in.
Shorter turn offs are plentiful on the way to Athy, for those wanting to get back well in time to see Tipperary beat Kilkenny or otherwise in the afternoon. I hope Richard stays the distance so we can all have a go at him, seeing he is a Tipp supporter! ;-D
Should be a good day out so bring money for our favourite coffee stop. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated and you have spares if required. ID for your person and adequate supplies of water and food for the road.
Lets continue our practice of close formation on the road and everyone keep safe. Make sure, especially those on the front, to look behind ,making sure your not drifting off the front away from your fellow cyclists,putting them under pressure.
Look forward to seeing a big group on Sunday.