Not sure about the weather. Met Eireann are giving rain with a north easterly breeze! But who knows, maybe we have had all the rain we need for a while.
Undaunted, this 80km route this week should never leave us too far from home if things turn nasty.
With lots of water around, mudguards are a courtesy and a necessity to keep the rump clean and dry (your rump, my gob).
Lights on the bike are not for decoration!
When is a light not a light??
Batteries are cheap and an absolute essential to make a light a light. Otherwise an unnecessary plastic object stuck on your rear end!!
Suggesting Allenwood as our watering hole for the morning, with options to return home from this point.
Im off to Trax now for a good night out and a few beers and if Im not seen on Sunday morning it will be only myself to blame. I wont care where you cycle then ;-D
See you Sunday! ( if God spares me )