Because of the uncertainty of the weather on Sunday, the route will never be too far away from home. Also cause I’m going to try go with you for part of the way. I have made the route a little complex at the start so I’ve a chance that you will need me for navigation and as such will be less likely to be left behind.
However, the plan is.. Sallins to Kill and Athgoe Hill. On the descent of the hill (and before the bottom…most important) make a left (Not the Lyons Estate left) this will take us over some grades to Ardclough.. Thereafter on to Celbridge and Barberstown for coffee. Pick up the TOK route to Kilcock and home. Should be interesting. Group will be continuing to practice close formation riding and keeping the group together. Mudguards may come on the agenda this Sunday and no doubt there will be recrimination and threats abounding. At least bring 2 tubes and kit. Looking forward to getting out.