This is the last day of the dreaded January. Let’s get it behind us and speed on the spring.
Wind is from the South West on Sunday so we will take that into account and kinda tack into it giving us a nice spin home.
Unfortunately it won’t be completely dry but rain should not be too much of an issue.
There are easy cut-offs from Allen to Newbridge 35km or Rathangan to Kildare 55km for those wanting an early one and for everyone else this is a flat easy spin with no major obstacles.
Splits have been an issue in the group these last couple of weeks and the more splits we have, the better at dealing with it, we will get. Let’s keep in mind the integrity of the whole group and strive to maintain our camaraderie and cohesion by periodic regrouping and avoiding the inevitable temptation to look for the “fast group”! There is NO FAST GROUP and NO SLOW GROUP ! And any attempt to create one will be SEVERELY DEALT WITH!! ………THE DREADED ORANGE CARD!! ;-@
As always, check bikes to guard against mechanical breakdowns, ensure adequate tyre pressures to avoid punctures and come equipped with replacement tubes and sheckles for the coffee stop, which will be in Monasterevin.
This is also the last day people, who have not renewed their membership, can cycle with us.
After Sunday people who have not paid membership will be UNINSURED and as such will be a danger to regular club members. So please, if you haven’t already done it please do it now!
Look forward to seeing you all out Sunday to say goodbye to January.