Dear Member,

Its that time of year again for you to renew your membership. To those that have already done so thank you. The year there are two ways to renew your membership:
Through Cycling Ireland

Cycling Ireland have made significant changes to cycling irelands membership website and have made it much easier.

1. To Start go to Cycling Ireland Membership . If you can’t login click the forgot my password link.

2. Once logged in click the membership tab
3. That will bring you to your membership page. Click Add Membership

4. Select the appropriate licence.

5. Pay your Cub subs by selecting Adult (over 16) or Junior (under 16) as appropriate

6. complete some small next of kin details, pay the appropriate fee by card and thats it your done !!
Things to note:
  • If you are having login issues click the forgot password link or. contact Cycling Ireland for help.
  • If you are still having issues contact me.
  • If you get a message seeing “no licence available” it means you joined mid year and your licence is not up for renewal yet.

Through the clubs website. This facility will become available in the next few weeks.

The club has had to make some technical changes to our site because of the change in the Cycling Ireland membership pages. The club is working to get the payment section up and running but in the meantime this function is unavailable.
A valid licence is vital as you are not insured to cycle with the club if you do not have one. Accidents are thankfully rare but when you do the last thing you need are financial headaches.

Best Wishes

Shane Russell
Club Secretary
Naas Cycling Club